ExHEM History

Founded in 2001 in co-operation with Maastricht University, we started out in Higher Education and Research.


Over the years our portfolio was extended by adding education, healthcare and social work. With the merger with Toon Dijkstra’s European Overseas Program (EOP) in 2006 we gained a strong and valuable network that is still important today.

As mentioned above ExHEM was founded by mr René de la Fonteijne and Maastricht University.

In line with the legal structure a of a BV (limited) with more than one shareholder ExHEM had from 2011-2008 an advisory board (Raad van Commissarissen) .

The board members were:

  • Paul Scholte RA (chairman), Head Audit Ministery of Verkeer en Waterstaat (Transport), the Hague, Netherlands;
  • Willem Mattens, Maastricht University, Netherlands;
  • Peter A.M. Maassen; Hedda, Faculty of Education, University of Oslo, Noorwegen

The functions reflect the situation in 2008.

In 2008, René de la Fonteijne, co-founder and managing director, purchased the shares from Maastricht University