About ExHEM

ExHEM develops journeys for managers, teachers and policy makers who are looking for 'best practices' in the fields of Education, Higher Education and Health Care. We enable you to learn from powerful stories from all over the world, meet the people and experience their successes at first hand.

ExHEM BV is a company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

We specialize in international study tours and international education. As an extension to our core business we also organize conferences and seminars. And we do project management as well.
ExHEM is an acronym for Experiences in Higher Education Management.

Founded in 2001 in co-operation with Maastricht University, we started out in Higher Education and Research. Over the years our portfolio was extended by adding education, healthcare and social work. See our history: http://exhem.atopia.nl/about-exhem/exhem-history

What is special about study tours? At times, people have referred to us as ‘brokers in experiences’, which more or less hits the nail.

In our study tours – Academic tours we call them- you will find a tailor-made selection of visits for principals, educators, managing directors, researchers or policy makers.

With our best practices in Education, Higher Education and Health Care we enable you to learn from powerful experiences from all over the world, meeting the people and observing their achievements first-hand. But it is not always about learning: being professionals, our clients will also have the opportunity to develop ideas and strategies by travelling with peers and meeting international professionals. The sequence of visits, which we prepare in close collaboration with our client and our international partners will often turn into an incubator of ideas and visions that will last long after the plane has touched the ground on return.

Our portfolio consists of projects that we develop with partner organisations and sometimes on request of our clients. Often we initiate Academic Tours ourselves. We have learned by experience that we work at the crossroads of content (ideas), and daily practices. We think that with the right balance and the right timing in those areas there is a lot of potential for powerful change.

We do this with great precision and with a high standard of quality, realizing that in this kind of business you rarely will have a second chance to do things right.