FOOD SUMMIT: International Developments in Flavor and Tasting

Food – Wine – Hospitality – Gastronomy Summer course 8-14 July 2017 Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem - Maastricht, the Netherlands + International study tour.

A 5-day summer course tasting in a residential setting at the Château Bethlehem Teaching Hotel of Zuyd University, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The programme includes a balanced mix of keynote speakers and a famous chef, tastings, field trips and restaurant visits.

Followed by a brief international study tour: Gastronomy trends in Europe.

Flavour and tasting are the major topics of this international meeting of experts from both academia and/or from professional backgrounds.

During the week participants will learn about as well as discuss views from internationally well-known experts.

The classy, intimate residential setting enables a well-structured exchange between interdisciplinary experts.

The study will take participants during 2 ½ days to Rungis (visit 04.00 AM) as well as the Champagne region.


  • New insights in Gastronomy
  • The art and science of deliciousness
  • External influences on food perception
  • Gastronomixs and food pairing
  • Food trends and marketing
  • Health and sustainable Food choices.
  • Pairing of Food & Beverages
  • Field trip to Paris; night visit (04.00 start) Rungis
  • Visit Champagne region

Who should attend

  • Executives in the hospitality industry 
  • Executives in high end food marketing and processing 
  • Experts in food, wine, gastronomy and hospitality 
  • Academic Researchers in food, taste and hospitality 
  • Deans and other key persons from higher education 

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